Phineas Newborn

Phineas-Newborn-1Phineas Newborn, Jr. is from Memphis TN. Born in 1931 into a musical family, his talent as a pianist was recognized at an early age. In addition to being influenced by some of the greatest jazz pianists (Tatum, Powell, and Peterson) he had a strong dose of the classics also. He was brought to the attention of record producers by pianist and band leader Count Basie.

Phineas Newborn - Episode 1

His 1st important recording, Here is Phineas, was a revelation for pianists--his playing displays amazing technique, great bop language, and an exceptional harmonic understanding. Few living pianists could keep up with him. The Newborn recordings from this podcast are all from that album.
DahoudPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956
Tiger RagArt Tatum
Something’s ComingOscar Peterson TrioWest Side Story
HallucinationsBud Powell Trio
CeliaPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956
Afternoon in ParisPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956
Newport BluesPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956
The More I See YouPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956
I'm Beginning to See the LightPhineas Newborn Jr.Here is Phineas1956

Phineas Newborn - Episode 2

It was said that Newborn was such a great pianist that listeners often overlooked his sense of harmony and musicality because his technique could be so overpowering. He moved to the East Coast in the late 1950s and recorded a number of excellent albums with some outstanding rhythm sections. Phineas suffered from emotional difficulties throughout his career, which hindered his ability to record on a consistent basis. The recordings featured on this podcast are his best from these two memorable albums recorded in 1956 and 1961 respectively.
OleoPhineas Newborn Jr.A World Of Piano1956
OvertimePhineas Newborn Jr.Phineas' Rainbow1956
Lands EndPhineas Newborn Jr.Phineas' Rainbow1956
Tin Tin DeoPhineas Newborn Jr.Phineas' Rainbow1956
CherylPhineas Newborn Jr.A World Of Piano1961
Lush LifePhineas Newborn Jr.A World Of Piano1961

Phineas Newborn - Episode 3

The 1961 recording, A World of Piano, is one of Newborn’s best---and interesting because he uses two different rhythm sections: the bass and drummer combination used by Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley/Oscar Peterson. Here he is on equal footing with great musicians, but unlike some of his earlier recordings where he was clearly the strongest musician of the date. The 1969 recordings feature bassist Ray Brown and drummer Elvin Jones---- fantastic playing!!
DaahoudPhineas Newborn Jr.A World Of Piano1961
OleoPhineas Newborn Jr.A World Of Piano1961
Rough Ridin’Phineas Newborn Jr.Please Send Me Someone1969
Little Girl BluePhineas Newborn Jr.Harlem Blues1969
He’s a Real Gone GuyPhineas Newborn Jr.Please Send Me Someone1969