Gordon Vernick’s Destination

71T8EokifyL__SL1425_On this podcast I discuss the process of making my latest CD, Destination: what goes into selecting material, composing new works, sidemen, and other intangibles. Everything has to be in place before the recording takes place and the ambient mood has to be right. Playing in a recording studio is much different than live performance. Often you can’t even see the other musicians–only hear them through headphones. It can be a sterile, unnerving experience, but with good preparation and rehearsal it can be made easier. Given this experience it helps one to appreciate all the live in-studio jazz recordings made prior to the digital age.

Gordon Vernick - Destination

JunkaGordon VernickDestination2012
Freudian SlipGordon VernickDestination2012
Almost ThereGordon VernickDestination2012
Sweet and LovelyGordon VernickDestination2012
Giggle Me ThisGordon VernickDestination2012
DestinationGordon VernickDestination2012