The Year Was 1959

Miles Davis1959 was possibly the most important year in the history of jazz. It was the year that Miles Davis released Kind of Blue, Ornette Coleman released the Shape of Jazz of Come, John Coltrane released Giant Steps, and peripherally Dave Brubeck released Time Out, and Charles Mingus released Mingus Ah Um. Without a doubt the releases by Davis, Coleman, and Coltrane would forever change the direction of jazz forever. Davis introduces modal jazz, Coltrane introduces one of the most complex hard bop compositions, Giant Steps, and Ornette Coleman introduces a new way to play with no preset harmony. In hindsight you could say that of the three approaches Ornette had the greatest impact and John Coltrane was its first major recipient.

So WhatMiles DavisKind of Blue1959
Giant StepsJohn ColtraneGiant Steps1959
Flamenco SketchesMiles DavisKind of Blue1959
CongenialityOrnette ColemanThe Shape of to Come1959
NaimaJohn ColtraneGiant Steps1959
Lonely WomanOrnette ColemanThe Shape of Jazz to Come1959