We are in danger of losing some of the most interesting, relevant, and moving music in American history. These great jazz performances and corresponding stories often come from little known jazz artists, whose talent and experience give us an insight to our history and culture. Jazz Insights brings their music back to life and relevancy. A majority of the best jazz stories come from the small handful of well-known legendary artists.

Much great jazz was played and recorded by many lesser-known, but equally talented artists whose names are long forgotten except by a few jazz aficionados. It is the goal of Jazz Insights, in addition to highlighting current trends in jazz, to take a “flashlight” to jazz history and rediscover recorded gems and give credit to long forgotten genius.

Music history can be boring and seem irrelevant if taught as if you are taking a museum tour. Jazz music is alive and organic. Much like visiting a zoo, learning about jazz should be a tactile experience. With Jazz Insights I create an environment for my listener where they visit an organic, living sanctuary filled with the most amazing jazz music.

Music is an auditory experience—it goes in your ears; not your eyes. Jazz Insights deftly combines the stories surrounding an artist’s best work with the work itself; crafting a unique blend of storytelling and excerpts providing the listener new perspectives on music and history.

Jazz Insights is designed for today’s busy lifestyles and shortened attention spans. Subscribers are able to gain a wealth of knowledge and have a satisfying experience in just fifteen minutes. The program is an easily understood musical voyage for the novice and experienced jazz traveler alike. People will leave the show with concrete information that will help them be become better listeners and enjoy the music on a much deeper level.